The first 101 ATMOS

The iconic 2002 series traces its roots back to the 1970s launch of the Squale 101 Atmos, a unique diving watch that has become a timeless classic since the brand introduced it.

Every model from this series blends tradition with avant-garde innovation paying homage to the brand’s long lineage, a story that began over sixty years ago.

Their elegant design, conceived by the founder of Squale himself, Charles Von Büren, blends functionality and innovation in every detail. The original 1970s aesthetic goes hand in hand with the next-generation technologies and materials.

The watches from the 2002 series are safe and reliable professional tools designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding and adventurous divers.

Squale 2002

2002 Blue-Red

CHF 1.475,00

Squale 2002

2002 Black Round Dots

CHF 1.475,00

Squale 2002

2002 Blue Leather

CHF 1.475,00

Squale 2002

2002 Grey

CHF 1.475,00

The Sapphire insert bezel

We are proud to introduce a new bezel with a sapphire insert.

The 2002 Blue-Red, 2002 Black Round Dots, 2002 Blue and 2002 Blue Leather models introduce a new and exciting feature that sets them apart from the rest of the watches of the iconic 2002 collection. 

The bezel insert, previously made in bakelite, has been reimagined in sapphire to improve the legibility of the markings. 

SuperLuminova has been applied to the markings on the bezel to guarantee an accurate reading of the time even in the most extreme conditions.

Our objective is to consolidate the values of quality and reliability unique to the Squale brand.

Mr. Andrea Maggi - Squale Brand Ambassador

Exclusive push-to-release bezel system

The Squale 2002 101 Atmos was the first professional dive watch to be made in the 70s with a push-to-release bezel system. The bezel can only be rotated once a light pressure has been applied.

This precaution guarantees complete reliability even under difficult conditions. Furthermore, it allows for dive times to be calculated safely by eliminating the possibility of errors caused by unexpected knocks during immersions.

The bezel’s dodecagonal shape allows it to be removed easily while its notched edge ensures an effective grip during underwater adjustments.

Perfect legibility

The markers and numbers on the bezel and hands are made of SuperLuminova to ensure exceptional visibility, especially in low light conditions.

The inside of the sapphire glass features an anti-reflective coating for optimal legibility under any circumstance and in every condition.

The bright orange minute hand reveals at a glance how much dive time is left.

Outstanding performance

All the models from the 2002 series are water-resistant up to 1000 meters. The tried-and-tested Swiss movement guarantees precise and reliable time keeping. The scratch-resistant, 4mm-thick sapphire crystal is mounted on a double gasket on the dial. This innovative construction technique guarantees exceptional resistance under the most difficult conditions. 

The 2002 series watches also feature a helium release valve, seamlessly integrated into the side of the case, designed to release the gas and pressure that build up during deep-sea diving. 

Precision, risk reduction and resistance under the most extreme conditions are the values that guide Squale’s continuous research beyond the limits of innovation. We export the highest quality Swiss manufacturing at the service of professional divers.

Squale helps you achieve your best performance.

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