Squale x Drass Galeazzi


The Pioneers of Subaqueous Exploration

The Squale "Galeazzi" was born from the collaboration between Squale and Drass Galeazzi, two companies that share the same history of subaqueous exploration.

Drass Galeazzi, historic leader in subsea technology since the 1920s, specializes in innovative solutions for the Defence, commercial diving and medical industries.

Visionary Roberto Galeazzi patented a unique spherical design in 1926 and, incorporating this breakthrough, produced a range of solutions that would revolutionise subsea technology and enabling much deeper dives.

Today, Drass Galeazzi Group, with Headquarters in Italy, is world leader in diving decompression systems, having designed and manufactured the majority of certified commercial diving systems worldwide since 1967.


A collaboration between two brands that share the same historic and pioneering spirit of underwater exploration

Andrea Maggi - Squale Brand Ambassador

The History of Galeazzi


Roberto Galeazzi, born in Livorno in 1882, was a naval engineer, founder of the Galeazzi Company, and one of the most influential inventors of the 20th century. Galeazzi’s revolutionary spherical design patent of 1926 enabled the build of ultra-lightweight structures able to withstand extreme pressure, transforming the future of subsea technology. Over the past century, Galeazzi’s groundbreaking solutions have taken the international market by storm.

The Butoscopic Turret established a world-first at 275 meters under waters in 1930 permitting deep sea search and recovery operations without the need for decompression. That same year the Turret became an international sensation when it located the long-lost luxury liner SS Egypt and retrieved its immense cargo of gold bullions.

The famed Galeazzi diving helmet range included the Modello Marina, an exquisite design masterpiece, which was exclusively supplied to the Italian Navy Special Forces unit from the 1940s.


The Galeazzi Atmospheric Diving Suit established a world depth record to 300 msw in 1939, becoming the go-to for commercial and military application. Its patented technology enabled articulated limbs as well as a seamless finish at half the thickness of contemporary suits thus providing superior agility and pressure resistance to unprecedented depths. 

Galeazzi-inspired suits remain a highly relevant submersible, and its operation continues to this day.

Galeazzi’s range of diving accessories included helmets, boots, lamps, leads and knives and, alongside the Galeazzi diving suit and helmet ranges, these are all highly sought-after collectors’ items today. 


Inspired by this tradition, Galeazzi's legacy continues as the leading producer of hi-tech diving solutions, designing and manufacturing the majority of diving systems worldwide

Today Galeazzi is also the designer of the world’s most innovative technology to date, for the rescue of the crew of distressed submarines. 


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